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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 30, 2018 8:00pm-8:32pm BST

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this is the headlines. bbc news, i'm lukwesa burak. with fears the eventual death toll could be in the thousands. translation: i'm going out of my mind. i don't know where my children are. i'm going crazy with worry about them. i have no news at all. annual conference begins. politics with brexit and start acting in the national interest. the best deal for britain. steps down as chairman of tesla —
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to avoid charges of fraud. taking the firm private. and... to re—gain the ryder cup, proving the doubters wrong. people questioned the pics, questioned the quality that we had. i think we showed this week what what togetherness we have.
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and tsunami there. when rescue workers reach some of the worst affected areas. the quake — of magnitude 7. with waves of up to six metres. mass burials are taking place to stop the spread of disease. and sent this report. the rubble of the roa roa hotel here in palu city. rescue workers are trying to find survivors. they're using whatever they have. but in this case, it came too late. authorities say the death toll is expected to continue to rise.
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buried under rubble. by the search and rescue teams. promising to speed up the aid operation. and hundreds of military personnel have been deployed. behind are struggling. matters into their own hands. translation: there's been no aid. we need to eat. we don't have any other choice. we must get food. translation: we're in a crisis. we have nothing for our basic needs. food, water, we desperately need them. the fate of loved ones. but as supplies run
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out, many haven't made it. people have been waiting for hours for petrol, since this morning. to find out what's happened to their loved ones. happened to their children. this lady hasn't heard from her son and daughter since the quake hit. translation: i'm going out of my mind. i don't know where my children are. i'm going crazy with worry about them. i have no news at all. here are spending another night out in the open. rebecca henschke, bbc news, palu, sulawesi. helping with the rescue operation.
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to families and children. what more do you know whether the situation ongoing? situation ongoing? it is difficult that macs still difficult to access. that macs still difficult to access. the electricity... because they are operating in this area. there is little information.
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function as an aid agency on the ground? we are working with governments. governments. we are working with our fearlessly doers. fearlessly doers. to see our capital city resuscitated. and put back together. ash max fearlessly doers. rescued, that are receiving some carer. had they coping? people are working very hard to save lives. lives. but this is a very unfortunate situation. that states from indonesia to india set up a tsunami warning network.
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point when and where the killer waves will hit. everything they reasonably could to warn people. not easy to maintain all of these natural disasters. natural disasters.
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it is unable a witch had difficulty graphical situations. —— quite complicated. complicated. equipment are to observe its because of this earthquake. of this earthquake. what status has this disaster been given? this disaster been given? there and mentioned that he declared this as a national disaster. this as a national disaster. he leads the rescue process. leads the rescue process. return of power and electricity and also... also... this is the main function that we need. that we need. to give assistance and support in good time. her plans ‘deranged'.
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she's also warned labour not to play politics with brexit. contains flash photography. stop brexit! you're leading us down a blind alley! people are wise to you! working—class birmingham! the arguments aren't new, but they are definitely getting louder. go and live there if you like it so much! and for the prime minister, the deadline is getting closer. the focus is on theresa may and her brexit plan. the eu doesn't like it and neither do loads of her mps. so is this lady for turning? .. and agree with you?
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and start acting in the national interest. the best deal for britain. the short answer then is no, or not yet. over to you, eu, she says. but... in ireland, won't there? because we don't know what will come out of negotiations. there is no hard border. inevitable in this scenario in just six months‘ time. to the prime minister's vision for brexit with pride. want to see her so—called chequers plan ditched. to change tack, because...
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it'sjust wrong. it doesn't do what... bringing back control of laws, it explicitly doesn't do that. and it doesn't bring back control of borders. but the prime minister is defiant. in delivering brexit. is the brexit record is louder than anything else. the eu of her brexit plan. is at the conservative conference in birmingham for us.
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fall apart or get slightly acrimonious. acrimonious. and also he had a pretty direct message the eu. message the eu. the way to keep the club together is to punish a member who leaves. to punish a member who leaves. kingdom with a border down the irish sea. sea. what happens to the confidence and ideals of the european dream? and ideals of the european dream?
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freedom, it was the soviet union that stops people leaving. that stops people leaving. desire to get out of it won't diminish, it will grow. diminish, it will grow. the only prisoner that will want to escape. escape. main hall but on the fringes as well. well. the need to ditch the prime minister's checkers plan. minister's checkers plan. that argument will go on throughout the —— the week. the —— the week.
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but it is a matter of getting through this conference unscathed. through this conference unscathed. a lot more, it's time to broaden their appeal. their appeal. have not had that mass appeal since the time of margaret thatcher. like they have been disenfranchised.
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conservative party started talking more about housing, social mobility. more about housing, social mobility. who thoughtjustin greening was launching a leadership bid. launching a leadership bid. people are talking about the person who might come next. who might come next. privately would think she will lead the party into the next election. the party into the next election. that is another element that is going on around the fringes here. going on around the fringes here. people are looking at potential leaders of the future. pages at 10:30 and 11:30pm this evening in the
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papers. and the author and journalist, rachel shabi. prosecution for fraud in the united states. but he and the firm will each pay a $20 million fine. joe miller explains. breaks 1,000 kilometres. the brakes thanks to a series of his own tweets. company's share price. america's stock market regulator, the sec, took a
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dim view. innovator provide an exemption from the federal securities laws. fine, but crucially, remain as chief executive. tesla will have to pay the same amount and restructure its board. but the firm's financial problems are more immediate. backlog and is yet to make an annual profit. an asset for the company. it has brought it attention and investors and a lot of good stuff. now it's turning into a liability.
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cars in the future. will ultimately keep tesla afloat. that it should be him behind the wheel. joe miller, bbc news. the headlines on bbc news... are confirmed dead in the indonesian earthquake and tsunami. calls her brexit plan "deranged". that misled investors.
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sport centre. good evening.... and a half points to 10 and a half to regain the trophy. beat phil mickelson. ben croucher has this report. one of the strongest american teams coming to europe's backyard. performances you'll see. are beaten by an american team dreaming of drama. jon rahm had other ideas. he beat tiger woods, pumped up.
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or am one in the world. but this is ian poulter. he had already won four points and he found the drink. this side of the pound. commentator: he said it couldn't be done but look at him now. as the beer flowed and the champagne sprayed, europe showed that power. if you fancied a fitting finale, alex noren is your man. looked like missing. it meant so much to you. it
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was absolutely amazing. it's been fairly easy to captain them to be honest. we are just delighted. and their best golf. i had to dig very deep for this one. i'm getting no younger. delivering a point to get it done and we did it. i couldn't be more proud of this team.
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championship after a controversial victory at the russian grand prix. title rival sebastian vettel. with five races remaining. in the premier league, burnley beat cardiff city 2—1. sam vokes scored the winning goal. for their first win of the season. game since becoming rangers manager. dolly menga scoring the only goal of the game.
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at top of your screen being hit by an object thrown from the crowd. he was ok to continue. with livingston up to third. in super league next season... 30-0. the hosts made easy work of victory. 19 — 15 against sale. seventh in the table. that's all the sport for now. on whether they should change the name of their country.
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with the same name. tojoin the eu and nato. doing so would solve a lot of problems? maybe this isn't the way we want to go about things. but thousands of years. in favour of eu membership. would be even higher.
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it has to do that. of the country's borders. election commission this evening had said that turnout was around 34%. said that turnout was around 34%. need at least 50% to make the vote valid. that was early indications. we are still waiting for results.
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make that referendum name change valid. following the deaths of 2 women at a house near tonbridge in kent. of hadlow since yesterday. lucy vladev has the latest. two people stabbed to death and another left seriously injured. quiet village have been left with questions. i think the whole village is just completely shocked. here and obviously incredibly sad for the family. they seemed very friendly and nice and just quiet. kept themselves to themselves a bit. but as you say, you just don't expect that here. been named locally as sharon harris and her mother margaret. condition in hospital.
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by the ambulance service. to neighbours to try to piece together what happened. for a community left mourning. for the chap in hospital recovering. because of course something terrible has gone on there as well. counts of murder and one of attempted murder. he's due to appear at magistrates court tomorrow. to become a success. he was speaking out about gay rights to give others "hope".
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rest of your classmates and not feeling like you fit in. feeling like you fit in. started to realise, oh, not everyone else's like me. you feel life ban. they eventually were to learn my truth. drove a flock of sheep across london bridge.
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as they exercised their rights to herd animals in the capital. to bring their livestock into the city without paying tax. it was amazing. you are helped because it is a fairly narrow one—sided bridge. but they do have minds of their own. they go to the water or they come backwards. i got the lord mayor and his party behind me. and trample a party? we got them right over the bridge. sorted! now it's time for a look at the weather with chris fawkes. northern scotland and irish seacoast overnight.
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overnight. a ridge of high pressure moves in. moves in. clear the skies, so it will be a dry night for the majority. night for the majority. will fall like in the centre of the country. temperatures taking a dive. of england that see a frosty start in the countryside. there will also be plenty of morning sunshine. sunshine. rain getting into the west of scotland, the highlands as well. scotland, the highlands as well. bahrain will turn heavy through the afternoon. afternoon. weather, goodbye for now —— that rain. 00:30:49,328 --> 858993221:03:21,349 hello 858993221:03:21,349 --> 1717986441:35:53,369 this 1717986441:35:53,369 --> 2576979662:08:25,391 is 2576979662:08:25,391 --> 3435972882:40:57,410 bbc 3435972882:40:57,410 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news.
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